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A message from Noir Naturals’ owner: A look back and to the future

We’ve had a year and a half in 2013.  Noir Naturals’ owner wanted to share a few words with you.  

As we embark on 2014 I wanted to do a quick look-back at 2013.  In August we opened our retail store, but my wife and I had to make a tough decision in November to close the retail store, due to my health.  My hours at the store robbed me of time to fully focus on my recovery.  With the flexible work schedule I now have, I am able to attend my various weekly pulmonary rehab sessions, and rest in between my work. Having another retail store in the future is not out of the question. For now however my focus needs to be on my recovery.

We are still located in Ponchatoula and all customers are welcomed to visit my workshop.  Simply give us a call to set an appointment to come by.  Our online store is always open 24/7 and we’ll meet some of you throughout the year at craft fairs and shows like we always do.  This Fall we were able to see quite a few online customers face to face at shows.  It’s always a pleasure to meet you in person.

I am very pleased to report that 2013 was a great year for our sales.  We saw a vast increase in individual sales and wholesale accounts.  We added another member to our team and have a number of exciting product plans for 2014.

Thank you for being loyal customers of Noir Naturals. We wish you all a prosperous New Year!

Remember, we’re closed on December 31 and January 1 to celebrate the new year.  Any orders received on those days will be filled on January 2.

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A message from Noir Naturals’ Owner

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and concern.  My most recent hospital visit was a really scary moment for my family and me, but I knew GOD was in control, and everything would be alright.  As everyone knows, the soap making process involves dealing with lye, and it can be quite dangerous if not done properly.  From here forward I will have to take a lot more precautions when making our soap.  Soap making is something I love and a passion for me, especially when someone tells me how much it has helped them in some way.  I am going to keep bringing all of you the soap you expect, and look forward to seeing everyone at the shows soon.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as we will be praying that GOD shows us the best direction for the business.  Please also keep any suggestions coming our way.

Again, thank you for your prayers and concerns over the last 2 weeks.


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Have you met our 2012 Green Teacher Award Winners?

Congratulations to Carrie Vetrovsky and Bill Eswine from the award-winning Savannah Country Day School in Savannah, GA.  

Noir Naturals’ Owner Charles Kennedy created the Green Teacher Award to reward teachers who have been instrumental in organizing and leading a green or eco-friendly project, lesson plan or initiative at their respective schools.   It is fitting that the winners of the first award are both from a school known for its eco-friendly environment and conservation efforts.

Savannah County Day School won the first Eco-Schools USA “Green Flag” Award in 2011 and was one of the first schools listed as an Eco-School in 2009.  Outdoor classrooms and a dedication to conservation and the environment make SCDS an excellent model of environmental stewardship.

Second grade teacher Carrie Vetrovsky says “Environmental education is not an option….it is a requirement.”  Vetrovsky encourages students to carpool, compost, recycle, and invent new ways to conserve resources and enjoy the Earth.

Georgia’s 1982 Science Teacher of the Year Bill Eswine has been the dominant influence in creating environmental science as a field of study for elementary school students.  He initiated cooperative projects with the U. S. Department of the Interior and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, established outreach programs with local elementary schools, and has created a curriculum designed to stimulate and excite students about the environment.

We appreciate you, Carrie and Bill, and thank you for all that you do.

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A message from Noir Naturals’s Owner: Thank You


Thank you all for a fantastic first year. Here’s to many more!

May 19, 2012 marks the 1 year anniversary of my business, Noir Naturals.  Running a business is not an easy task as most of you know.  I am humbled to say that we’ve made it to the 1 year mark and are going strong.  Last May we started Noir Naturals with 24 unique products and now have in excess of 90, and we continue to grow.  We now have products for everyone including babies and doggies.

We’ve had our 12 days of giveaways at Christmas that so many folks enjoyed.  This year we earned our Green Business Certification, recently started a Green Teacher Award Program, made a special hand lotion line for nurses, and launched a soap fundraising program for kids.  Within the first week of the launch of the fundraising program, we started a fundraiser.  I think we are well positioned and ready to enter into year 2.  We have a full Fall Show Schedule in both Louisiana & Texas, and are looking forward to seeing you our wonderful customers again.

We have a few products in the making that we’ve been asked by our customers to manufacture.  To give a sneak peek, some of these products that will be unveiled in the next 12 months are liquid soap, shampoo, and a few other great products.  We owe this success first to God who has given us favor and strength to get this far.  The road was not easy but we made it!  Second, we thank all of our wonderful customers for your support and loyalty.

To celebrate our anniversary we will be having a special 1-day only anniversary sale.  We are allowing you to choose your savings.  If your order total is $30, use coupon code SAVE 5 to save $5.  If your order total is $60, use coupon code SAVE 15 to save $15.  If your order total is $100, use coupon code $SAVE30 to save $30.  These coupons are only valid on our Anniversary date of Saturday, May 19th. Again thank you to all of our customers, and friends for making Noir Naturals the company we are today.


Charles Kennedy

To learn more about Noir Naturals, visit us at www.NoirNaturals.com

A message from the owner

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

WOW!!  I am so thankful to everyone who is commenting on our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

This is Charles, Owner of Noir Naturals.  I have been busy trying new things and coming up with some very exciting products for after the first of the year.  I am so thankful to GOD for all of our customers and I personally want you to know that I will continue to work and research to bring you the best natural products out there.

I am so humbled by how fast our business has grown and how blessed we are to meet so many wonderful people.  We are on our way this weekend to Texas and will be setting up a store at Canton, TX for the First Monday Trade Days there.  We will be at the Old Mill Market Place in Pavilion 4.  I am very excited about this, and look forward to expanding our business to another part of the country.  Please keep all comments and ideas coming in.  I would love to know what everyone thinks of the products and what changes or additions you’d like to see, if any.

Thanks again and may everyone have a very Merry Christmas and happy/safe New Year!!