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Let’s Talk About Soy – Cubes That Is

Hazelnut Coffee Soy Wax Cubes

Candles are a great way to set a mood.  Not only do they let off a gentle, soft light, scented candles let out fragrance can relax, energize, inspire, or remind you of something from your past.  Sometimes candles can get in the way.  Dogs, kids, and busy spaces make it difficult to keep a burning candle safely in place and out of the way. How do you marry the love of scented candles with the need for safer burning?  Enter soy cubes!  These  little wax squares put off an amazing scent when sitting in a bowl or melted down.  Some tart lovers choose plug-in warmers and others select tea light candle powered warmers.Noir Naturals is proud to announce our new line of soy wax tarts.  We have a variety of fragrances available, including some new to us.  While relaxing lavender and delicious warm vanilla sugar are available, we also offer a romantic rose, tropical pineapple coconut, and more.   Need a coffee break?  Try our delicious, creamy hazelnut coffee cubes.  At $3.50 a package, you can mix and match fragrances to suit your changing moods.

All of our tarts are made with 100% soy wax from soybeans grown in the USA and Phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils.  You may not go back to burning traditional candles once you try these.  We also offer a selection of plug-in warmers that work with any decor and can act as night lights.

Take a look at these new products and consider adding them to your home fragrance collection.

To learn more about Noir Naturals visit us at www.NoirNaturals.com.