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Summer Skin Care

We love summer – the relaxing vibe, the fun and fab events, and the down time.  What we don’t love is the excessive heat and its effect on our skin.  But no matter the temperature, Noir Naturals has products that will soothe and pamper our skin.  Yes, we said our. We are customers as well as manufacturers.
According to Denise Mann, summer skin needs exfoliation, moisture, and protection.  Skin will not glow Imageunless the dead cells are moved out of the way, so a good but gentle scrub is a must.  Use a brush before or during a shower to help bring on a healthy glow or use our Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub to help bring on that healthy glow.  Our favorites are Lavender and Key Largo for a tropical summery kick.
Keeping skin moist helps reduce the effects of aging in addition to bringing out the beauty of skin.  Staying hydrated helps keep the body healthy inside and out, so make sure those 8-10 glasses of water are on tap.  Soap selection helps determine how much additional moisture is needed.  Our goat’s milk soaps and coconut milk vegan soaps contain various oils and butters that penetrate, protect, and heal the skin from the inside out.  For those who want more moisture, goat’s milk lotions and body butters fit the bill.  Our formulas do not leave an oily or greasy residue on skin or hands, even on the face.  Unrefined Shea butter works especially well on knees, elbows, and feet.
UV protection is a must!  Make sure you use the optimal level of SPF protection for your skin tone.  If you want to avoid potentially harmful ingredients, make sure to read the product label well or make your own.
Make sure you baby your skin all year to keep a healthy glow.

To learn more about Noir Naturals’ products and ingredients, visit us at NoirNaturals.com.

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