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New Soaps

About a month ago we unveiled two new Goat’s Milk Soaps which have been hits. Not all soaps we release end up as customer favorites, but these two certainly are.

Our Mac Rae Goat’s Milk Soap is a refreshing aroma of fresh white tea laced in ginger. Some customers refer to Mac Rae as sexy and some as a fun must have.

MacRae White Tea and Ginger Soap for WebsiteAppleyard takes you into an apple orchard with a light, fresh scent that captivates the senses, with its apple blossom scent.

Appleyard Apple Blossom Soap for Website

Both of these new bars retail for $5.00, or $3.75 each, for Noir Naturals Soap Club members. Grab a bar of these customer favorites today.

Lots to Look Forward to in May

So much happening this month!
Anusorn P nachol photo.

May Madness?  Possibly.  Noir Naturals has so much happening this month that we just may go a little mad.  Not that we mind one bit.

The month kicks off with the official launch of our new fundraiser program.  We designed our program for kids and offer up to 50% of the proceeds from each fundraiser.  We decided to focus on youth because they are the future and honestly, we and many of the parents we spoke with are tired of wrapping paper, candy, popcorn, and other items we don’t need or may never use.  Our program is easy and free to start.

Our first fundraiser is helping a student raise funds for a mission trip to Haiti.  Want to help Haley reach her goals?  Just place an order from her page.

We also added a new product to our catalog.  Our new goat’s milk lotion, Blue Angel is now available in unscented and lavender varieties.  We were inspired by the nurses at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.  This formula is ideal for nurses, caregivers, cooks, and anyone needing extra protection for their hands due to frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizers.

Inspired by the nurses at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.

Don’t forget your mom this month!  Mother’s Day falls on May 13 and we’re celebrating with a sale!  Make sure you don’t for get mom, grandma, the mother-in-law, and other mother figures in your life.  Give the gift of relaxation – all lavender-scented items will be on sale.  If anyone deserve a luxurious break, it’s mom!  Our sale will run May 11-13, so plan ahead.  Keep your eyes open for more information.

We’re not traveling much this month, but will be in Humble, TX for the Trade Days.  Come see us on Friday, May 18 1 pm through 7 pm, Saturday the 19th from 8 am until 5 pm, and Sunday the 20th from 10 am – 4 pm.   We’ll have lots for you to see, and may have something special in store for those who stop by.

And that weekend is our anniversary weekend!  Yes, Noir Naturals is coming up on our first anniversary and we’re going to celebrate with a sale.  Not just any sale, but a choose your own discount sale!  Saturday, May 19th is the big day, and from midnight until 11:59:59 pm you can save up to $30 depending on your purchase.  We’ll share more details very soon.

Whew!  Are you tired yet? We should be, but we’re not!  As for May Madness?  It’s already here.

For more information on our fundraisers, products, travel schedule, or specials, visit us at NoirNaturals.com.

Noir Naturals is all natural.

This is the first in a series of posts that will describe our prime ingredients and why we use them.

When we say our products are all natural, we mean it. Essential oils, goat’s milk, shea butter, coconut oil,  palm oil from sustainable sources, castor oil, olive oil, Calendula flowers, and soy wax are used to create the lotions, soaps, candles, scrubs, and body butters in our inventory. What you won’t find are artificial colors or preservatives.

None of our personal care products include anything from The Campaign for Safe Costmetics‘ list of top ingredients to avoid in personal care products. These ingredients have been linked to a number of health issues and do nothing for one’s hair or skin. Parabens are of particular concern. Did you know that they have been linked to weight gain and breast cancer? They mimic estrogen and are absorbed into the skin. In fact, traces of parabens have been found in tumors during biopsies, cause breast cancer cells to grow in vitro, and have been found in urine samples in adults. While the FDA has not banned the use of parabens in cosmetics, it is aware of the negative affects and continues to monitor study findings and evaluate the risks.

Why wait for the FDA to make a ruling? Go natural and avoid those risks.

Back in the day, there were no artificial additives in Great-Grandma’s handmade soap. We are following her example. Those of you who haven’t made the switch should give it a try. Try a bar of our soap or bottle of our lotion and you may never go back to traditional products again.