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Show us your skin to win

How about a contest?

We know ourselves how dry winter weather and can affect the skin.   One of our team members was willing to share what her skin used to look like very winter.


Before Coconut Milk Vegan Soap and Organic Ghana Shea Butter, our team member had hands like this.



It wasn’t just unattractive. It was itchy and painful.  Only quality products designed to pamper and heal the skin gave her relief.





Show us some skin and win! Your dry skin, that is.

Show us what the extreme weather is doing to your skin and you can win! Post a pic and you may be one of three winners. Winners will receive their choice of one of the following:

Organic Shea Butter (4 oz)
– Blue Angel Goat’s Milk Lotion (Lavender or Unscented)
Goat’s Milk Body Butter (4 oz)

Submit photos Friday until midnight CST.  We’ll select winners on Saturday.  Feel free to submit them in a private message if you’re feeling shy.

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Congratulaions to our Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our Mother's Day winners!

Congratulations to our Mother’s Day winners!

There is a lot of love for mothers and we could not be happier.  We had so many entrants in our Mother’s Day Giveaway, we decided to add a fourth prize.  Congratulations to:

Elizabeth Crabtree – Argan oil
Jackie Jenkins – $20 gift certificate
Alberthetta Dugue – Shea Butter
Mona Comeaux – $10 gift certificate

We’ll be in touch soon with details on collecting your goodies.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Christmas is just around the corner! Are you ready?

Have you checked every name off of your holiday gift list?  Let Noir Naturals help you check off every name without stepping a foot into the mall or fighting traffic.  All orders placed by 1 pm Central time on December 20 with ship in time for Christmas.   And we have something for everyone, even the family dog!

Even the family dog can enjoy our gaot's milk soap.

Need to help Santa stuff the stockings or have a tight budget?  Look no further!  We have a variety of items available for $5 or less, including travel and full-sized soaps and lotions.  And remember, we’re clearing out our inventory of Hot Summer Night and Key Largo goat’s milk  lotions.  4 oz. bottles are $3 each, and 8 oz. bottles are just $5.

And remember, we lowered our shipping rates, so you’ll save even more!

Don’t forget to enter our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.   Winners receive a $30 gift certificate and can select any assortment of goodies from our inventory.   Want to win?  Just join us on Facebook and chat about the topic of the day.  We’re talking about making our world more environmentally-friendly one household at a time.

See you there!

Here are 8 great stocking stuffer ideas for $5.00 and under…

#1. Asta Doggie Goat’s Milk Soap – Only $4.00
#2. Travel Size Goat’s Milk Lotions – Just $2.50 each
#3. Travel Size Goat’s Milk Soap – Only $2.00
#4. 4 oz. Hot Summer Night (Honeysuckle & Jasmine) Goat’s Milk Lotion – Just $3.00
#5. 8 oz. Hot Summer Night (Honeysuckle & Jasmine) Goat’s Milk Lotion – Only $5.00
#6. 4 oz. Key Largo (Mango & Papaya) Goat’s Milk Lotion – Just $3.00
#7. 8 oz. Key Largo (Mango & Papaya) Goat’s Milk Lotion – Only $5.00
#8. Regular Size Bars of Goat’s Milk Soap (Great gift for teachers) – Just $5.00

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Starts Monday!

It’s time!  We are so excited about Christmas that we’re going to give you presents!  That’s right, it’s giveaway time!

We’re going to pick a winner every day for 12 days starting on Monday.  Instead of a surprise package under the tree, we’re letting you

Photo credit: Postersize

decide what you want.   Each winner will receive a $30 gift certificate good for anything in the store.  We do ask you cover shipping and taxes (if applicable), but whatever you want from our catalog will be up for grabs.  Mix and match goat’s milk soaps, body butter,  or  lotions,  Dead Sea scrubs or bath treatments, our our soy candles  – any combination you choose!

Want your chance to win?  Join us on Facebook or Twitter and chat with us.  We want to know how you’re currently or planning to live a greener life.  Are you recycling, reducing, and reusing?  Do you have solar panels?  Are you using a grey water system?  Check out the topic of the day and chat.

We’re looking forward to chatting with you and spreading holiday cheer!

Set the Stage for a Memorable Evening with Fragrance

Fragrance can help set any mood.  Feeling romantic?  Consider a floral scent like jasmine or rose.   A sensual setting screams for sandalwood or musk.  Fresh fragrances can remind you of a hike along a stream or mountain trail.   During the holiday season, any number of fragrances can take us back to holidays past and can make your space seem more like home.   And Noir Naturals has fragrances that can take you from the beginning of September straight through the fall and winter holidays.

Apples are just perfect in the cooler months and there is nothing quite like the smell of apple pies baking.  If you’re not a baker, consider curling up with a mug of hot apple cider while burning our Apple Cider Soy Candle.   There’s just a hint of cinnamon to help warm the room.   Not a cider fan? The let our Apples and Bourbon candle remind you of a great aunt’s special spice cake.

If you’re more of a pumpkin fan, then we have a treat for you.  Our Sweet Pumpkin Spice candle is like enjoying the pie without the calories.  Yes, it is that good.

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Soy Candle from Noir Naturals


Remember baking sugar cookies with mom or grandma?  Decorating those cookies for the family and Santa was a tradition for many, whether the dough was homemade or picked up from the refrigerated case.  Our Warm Vanilla Sugar candle smells just like the real thing.

All the delicious, sweet smells making you hungry?  Don’t fret because we have two more ways to set the holiday mood that won’t send you on a search for sweets.  Light our Wonderful Life while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  This will make you feel as warm and cozy as George does when he realizes how wonderful life can be.

We haven’t forgotten the tree!  Our Christmas Tree will make you wonder if your tree is real or not.  Why cut one when you can get the same feeling from our candle?

All of our 8 oz. candles are made from 100% soy wax and have a 50-60 hour burn time.  Just trim the wick as the candle gets lower. Just a few minutes of burn time will set the stage for a memorable evening.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter for a giveaway.