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Fundraising February

It’s fundraising season once again for us here at Noir Naturals. This week we launched two Natural Soap Fundraisers, one to raise funds for fertility treatments and another for international student travel. We are also working on a number of other fundraisers to be launched later this month. It brings us such great joy working with others to help raise funds to meet a goal.


The Natural Soap Fundraising Program, by Noir Naturals is a unique alternative to raising funds, with something different. Soap is something that everyone uses and our soap is natural, earth friendly and made in Louisiana. The program is open to any individual, group, organization or cause in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Need to raise funds or know someone that does? Visit our website at www.NaturalSoapFundraising.com to learn more about our program or get started.

Natural Soap Fall Fundraising is in Full Swing

Fall Fundraising is in full swing and we are feeling the heat, in a good way. We have a number of fundraisers going on currently with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Team In Training, the American Cancer Society- Team for Tricia, Riverside Academy Carnival Ball, Ryan’s Organic Farm and Pacific Classical Ballet.

Fall is always a great, fulfilling time for us at Noir Naturals not only because of the cooler temperatures, and the red and orange leaves but particularly because it’s the time when we are able to help others raise funds to achieve their goals. Our fundraising program allows us to give back to others and the community in more ways than one.

Fundraising homepage pic

Our natural soap fundraising program offers two options individuals and groups can utilize to raise funds. We will build a personalized online webpage where anyone in the USA can support a fundraiser. There is a pre-purchase option where soap, lotion and other products can be purchased and resold to friends, family members or at events to raise funds. Or, orders can be gathered in a traditional offline fundraising setting and submitted to us for processing at the end of the fundraiser. Fundraising utilizing multiple options ensures a greater level of success. Our Fundraising Program Manager, will work with you to determine the best combination of options for your fundraiser.

If you or someone you know needs to raise funds, have them visit www.NaturalSoapFundraising.com to consider the Natural Soap Fundraising program, by Noir Naturals. It’s easy since we handle all of the work for you. Noir Naturals will collect, process and ship orders, as well as run reports on sales. All you have to do is promote your webpage and encourage friends, family members and supporters to support your fundraiser. We’ll post your fundraiser on our social media pages, and continue pumping out those orders to help you meet your fundraising goals.

To learn more about the Natural Soap Fundraising Program by Noir Naturals, visit us at www.NaturalSoapFundraising.com. Or you can give us a call at 985-590-5461, and one of our team members will be happy to work with you.

It’s our Anniversary!

The month of June is a very special time for us as it marks the anniversary of Noir Naturals. Four years ago my husband Charles and I started the company. We’ve had both highs and lows over the past years, but more highs thank goodness. There were many long days and nights working in our store and or workshop and at shows, as we progressed along our journey of business growth. We’ve enjoyed every minute of our journey to say the least.

We’d like to thank our customers who have supported us over the years. Noir Naturals would not be where we are today had it not been for our customers, many of whom have been customers from inception.

To celebrate our 4 year anniversary we are offering a free shipping promotion on all orders through midnight June 17, 2014. Our regular shipping promotion is free shipping on orders over $50 but as we celebrate our birthday, we’re offering free shipping on all orders for a limited time only. We are extremely thankful to God that we have made it this far and pray that he continues to guide us and further grow our business for many years to come. We invite you to celebrate with us!


Anniversary 2014_new

All things lavender on sale for Mother’s Day

Help mom relax and unwind with lavender-infused goodness.  If it has lavender, Noir Naturals has it on sale.   Get 20% off anything in our catalog with our favorite relaxing fragrance until May 10.

Mother's Day 2014

No coupon is necessary.

Mom deserves at least a little pampering.  Spoil her this weekend.

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Help support a great cause – supplying organic eggs and produce to those in need

Ryan Hanifan is a man with a mission.  He and his family believe in helping others and donate regularly to their local foodbanks.  They believe that everyone should have access to quality organic produce no matter what their income.  Help them make this a reality.


Ryan has partnered with Noir Naturals to offer handmade goat’s milk and coconut milk soaps to help him reach his goal.  Proceeds of each purchase from his store will go toward putting food on Whitehouse, Ohio community tables.

Help Cobi and Michael become Riverside Royalty

Cobi and Michael would like to be named to the 2015 Krewe Bord de L’eau Carnival Ball Court and must raise funds to participate.  Help by purchasing all-natural, hand-made soaps and other great products from their Noir Naturals fundraising site.   A portion of the proceeds will benefit them directly and you will benefit from these great products – its a win-win!
Jaclyn's daughter
Cobi and Michael’s Fundraiser ends on November 25, 2014. Shop anytime from now until then and as often as you like.
We’ll let you know how they did as the Carnival Ball gets closer.

Happy Earth Day and Congratulations!

It’s Earth Day 2014!  Here’s to loving and caring for Mother Earth with all we have.

Digitalart photo.

Digitalart photo.


At Noir Naturals we’re celebrating by naming our 2014 Green Living award winner.  Congratulations to Andrea Tore and Jenna Cheslock!  Andrea was nominated by Jenna, who had this to say about her friend:

Andrea has a website called Living Green and Loving It.  Although she does what she can to live green overall, she focuses most on eating green.   She loves to cook, and shares her delicious, healthy, green recipes on her website.   She uses all organic and, whenever possible, local foods.

Stuart Miles photo.

Stuart Miles photo.

Congratulations to you both!  As the winner, Andrea will receive a $50 gift certificate and Jenna will receive a $20 gift certificate.

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Fun at the New Orleans French Quarter Festival

Spring has sprung down south and we decided to take the weekend off and celebrate.  Our team members each had something fun to do and most plans started and ended with festivals.  We decided to swing into New Orleans for the 2014 French Quarter Festival.  


Live music at Riverfront.

Live music filled the streets.

photo (12)

Musicians playing in the street.


Everyl-Ann made a new friend.

Everyl-Ann made a new friend.

There were other sights and sounds, but we want to see yours.   If you checked out a festival in your area, show or tell us about it this week on TwitterFacebook, or G+.  And don’t forget about our Green Living Award.  There are just a few days left to enter.

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A look back

We’re feeling a little nostalgic here at Noir Naturals and thought we’d get in on the Throwback Thursday fun.

Remember this logo?  It was our first when we opened up shop.  We had eight Goat’s Milk Soaps then and thought that was a lot.  Sharing our vision of the old ways was (and still is) a dream come true.




We found an excellent goat farmer for our milk and drove to pick it up ourselves. Yes, we still do that.



We traveled to a lot of shows all over the Gulf Coast.  Oak Alley Plantation, Houma, Southdown, Houston, Brodamoor High School, and more.  We love meeting people.

photo (6) IMG_0363


We  moved from Mandeville to Houston, Texas, and came back home to Louisiana.

We’ve added products to our inventory over the years.  A baby soap, Soy Wax Cubes, hair products, Shea Butter, vegan-friendly Coconut Milk Soaps,  Pure Raw Louisiana Honey, and Pure Argan Oil.


Like all of our products, Baby Noir is colorant-free, paraben-free, and handmade with love.


While some things have changed, our core mission remains the same.  We want to bring you the highest quality, handmade bath, body, and aromatherapy products possible.  To help you experience Yesterday Once More.

new logo


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We’re coming for you, Mandeville!

What are your weekend plans?

mandeville show

Join us for a great time!

To learn more about Noir Naturals, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Not into social media?
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