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It’s our Anniversary!

The month of June is a very special time for us as it marks the anniversary of Noir Naturals. Four years ago my husband Charles and I started the company. We’ve had both highs and lows over the past years, but more highs thank goodness. There were many long days and nights working in our store and or workshop and at shows, as we progressed along our journey of business growth. We’ve enjoyed every minute of our journey to say the least.

We’d like to thank our customers who have supported us over the years. Noir Naturals would not be where we are today had it not been for our customers, many of whom have been customers from inception.

To celebrate our 4 year anniversary we are offering a free shipping promotion on all orders through midnight June 17, 2014. Our regular shipping promotion is free shipping on orders over $50 but as we celebrate our birthday, we’re offering free shipping on all orders for a limited time only. We are extremely thankful to God that we have made it this far and pray that he continues to guide us and further grow our business for many years to come. We invite you to celebrate with us!


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Fighting Fleas Naturally

It’s that time of year and don’t our dogs know it!  An unseasonably warm winter and spring tricked these pests into coming out early

Protect your dogs from fleas, ticks, and other parasites year round with natural alternatives.

and with a vengeance.  Fighting them chemically can make them stronger.  Like many species, they adapt to the chemicals and become stronger each generation.  And boy, do they breed.  In its 90 day lifespan, a single flea can lay over 5,000 eggs!   Instead of going right for the chemical solutions, consider natural alternatives for fighting back.  From food additives to oils and plants, there are solutions for every household.

Keeping on top of fleas is the key.  Regular baths with a pest-repelling soap or shampoo like our Asta Goat’s Milk Dog Soap will remove fleas from your dog without drying their skin.  If you wash them in a tub or kiddie pool, add some salt to the water for the pre-rinse. Salt stops fleas in their tracks.  Between baths, use a flea comb to remove fleas from your furkid.  Dip the comb in soapy water after each pass through its coat to dispose of stragglers.

After the bath, there are a variety of options for repelling pests. Forums at Garden Web and articles on Care 2The Whole Dog, and Mother Earth News provide a wealth of information about natural alternatives.  On Garden Web, members share what worked and failed for them.  One thing the information has in common from these sources is the use of herbs and essential oils as topical solutions.  Herbal flea dips and homemade flea collars have good results in many areas.  For those seeking topical solutions, pet owners report good results from direct essential oil application as a spray used as or directly between the shoulder blades and above the tail.

Food additives repel pests by making your dogs’ blood and skin less attractive to them.  If they don’t smell delicious, the pests are less likely to give a taste.  Commercially-prepared supplements with Brewer’s Yeast and garlic are readily available and generally safe.  Large quantities of raw garlic, however, can lead to tummy problems and should be avoided.

For many dogs, a mix of solutions tend to do the trick.  Before making the final decision on which option to choose, research the alternatives before making the purchase.  The Humane Society of the United States provides an excellent overview of pest control product ingredients and the ASPCA provides a list of foods that are poisonous to dogs.

Here’s to fighting the good fight without the use of toxic chemicals!

For more information about our Asta Dog Soap and benefits of the ingredients we use, visit us at NoirNaturals.com.

11 Reasons to Choose Noir Naturals’ Fundraiser Program

At Noir Naturals we believe in supporting the community, especially when it comes to the young community members.  Like others, we have purchased more wrapping paper, calendars, popcorn, and cookies we could ever need just so we could help young friends and family members raise funds for their schools, church youth groups, sports teams, and school clubs.   We were approached by teachers and parents who sought an alternative to the usual that would have mass appeal, be affordable, easy, earth-friendly, and profitable.  After collaboration with local students, teachers, parents, PTO Today, and The Association of  Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS), we created the Noir Naturals Fundraiser Program.

Not only do we make fundraising profitable, we make it easy for students and parents.  We offer useful products found in every home and at just $5-6 a bar, our soaps are affordable and appeal to a wide range of customers.  Your youth organization could earn up to 50% profit with our program and sell to supporters in and out of town.

Why choose Noir Naturals?

1. We only work with one school, club, organization or group at a time, so we can dedicate all of our resources to each fundraiser.

2. We are a small company and manufacture our soaps.  There is no middle man, and we are easy to reach by phone and email.

3. Our handmade soaps are made with natural ingredients, so they’re better for the skin.  They contain no chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes or pigments.  Our soaps are eco-friendly, and something that everyone uses!

4. We have a wide variety of soaps to choose from.  We use essential oils, sulfate-free fragrances and even have fragrance free bars.  We have something for everyone, even the family dog.

5. Each bar of soap will be individually wrapped and labeled with the soap’s scent.  Each order from each seller will be packaged separately to allow for easy distribution to buyers.

6. Your organization can earn up to 50% profit with our four-level profit structure.  The more you sell, the more you earn.


  • 50-99 bars and earn 35% profit
  • 100 – 199 bars earns 40%
  • 200 – 499 bars earns 45%
  • 500+ bars earns 50%

And free shipping for all orders!

Our fundraising program is free to start. Contact us today for more information.

7. Top Seller Reward Program – Noir Naturals rewards the top 3 sellers in each fundraisingprogram with gift cards from Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Amazon. The 1st place seller will earn a$100 gift card, 2nd place a $50 gift card, and 3rd place a $25 gift card.

8. Promotional tools – Each seller will receive a seller packer which contains a color catalog, samples of each soap, and fundraising safety tip information.

9. Online ordering – We made it easy for friends and family members to support fundraiser sellers who may not be in the immediate reach of the school, club, organization or group conducting the fundraiser.  Each fundraising organization will have a separate page on our website where purchases can be made.  Online purchases count toward the total sales of each seller for the top seller rewards.  Check out Haley’s fundraiser to see how yours could look.

10. Giving Back – We give back to the community by supporting local non-profit organizations.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our best seller Asta Doggie Soap will be donated to the Louisiana SPCA organization in New Orleans, LA.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our Baby Noir Soap will be donated to the Be An Angel children’s organization in Houston, TX.

11. Referral Bonus – $100 Noir Naturals Gift Certificates are awarded to individuals who refer organizations or groups that use our fundraising program.

Contact us today for more information on our program.

For more information about Noir Naturals and our fundraising program, visit us at NoirNaturals.com

Noir Naturals has love for the dogs

At Noir Naturals we celebrate and appreciate our four-legged family members.  Back in the day – and today – we watch Lassie, Old Yeller, and even Benji’s adventures while laughing and crying along with their human companions.  We think they deserve the best, and that includes the products we use on their skin and coats.

Our Asta Doggie Soap is handmade with the love and natural goodness we use in all of our products.  A blend of essential oils perfectly enhances the rich, moisturizing goat’s milk base and will give the benefits of a moisturizing shampoo that lasts for days. Sheryl in Charleston, SC says Asta made her white dogs glow as if she used a whitening shampoo formula and her dogs had no post-bath itching.

We created a special the essential blend just for the pups that help condition their skin and make their coats glossy while keeping pests away.  Cedar is a pest control solution from way back.  Cedar helps keep grandma’s quilt safe in the Hope Chest; Cedarwood essential oil can help keep your dog safe from mosquitoes and fleas.  Niaouli essential oil is related to Tea Tree oil and is a proven disinfectant and insecticide. Sweet Orange essential oil is an antiseptic that brings a sunny fragrance to the furry ones as it repels fleas and promotes relaxation.   These oils all also have anti-fungal properties to help soothe and heal skin conditions.

Asta Doggie Soap is available in small and large sized bars and as a set of three.  We donate the proceeds to the Louisiana SPCA because we want to assist the LA-SPCA improve the safety and quality of life for our furry, feathered, and scaly companions.

Try this natural alternative to pest control instead of pesticide-filled flea shampoos.  Your dog, your skin, and the environment will thank you.

Fall is in full swing and we’re heading out on the road

October marks the true beginning of fall and it is going to be a busy month!  We have scheduled many fair and festival appearances, so try to come see us.

We kicked off the month at the St. Luke’s Annual Fall Arts & Crafts Festival on Saturday, October 1 and had a great time meeting those who came out. It was just a taste of what’s to come!

On October 8 and 9th, we’ll be in Gonzales, LA at the Awesome Arts on the Bayou Arts and Cultural Festival.  Gonzales is between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and is known as the gumbo capital of the world.  Join us in Jambalaya Park for two days of food, fun, and beautiful handmade goods.

Join us in Canton, MS for the Canton Flea Market Arts & Crafts Festival on Thursday October 13. This festival happens only twice a year and is always something special.

We’ll be in Vacherie, LA on October 15 ad 16 at the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation for the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival. The annual event is in its 6th year. While there is admission for the fair, it is more than worth the cost.  Handmade arts and crafts, food, and fun for the whole family with a gorgeous, historic backdrop.

We’ll close out the month by celebrating Christmas in New Orleans on Saturday, October 29.   Join us at the Pontchartrain Convention Center to kick off the holiday shopping season in style!

We’ll have some of your old favorites like Moses and Age of Innocence on hand, our new Rose-scented Flame of Hope Pink Candle, and some new holiday-scented goodness like our Sweet Pumpkin Spice Candle.   The people who come out to see us will also get a sneak peek at new products.

We hope to see you soon!

Noir Naturals is all natural.

This is the first in a series of posts that will describe our prime ingredients and why we use them.

When we say our products are all natural, we mean it. Essential oils, goat’s milk, shea butter, coconut oil,  palm oil from sustainable sources, castor oil, olive oil, Calendula flowers, and soy wax are used to create the lotions, soaps, candles, scrubs, and body butters in our inventory. What you won’t find are artificial colors or preservatives.

None of our personal care products include anything from The Campaign for Safe Costmetics‘ list of top ingredients to avoid in personal care products. These ingredients have been linked to a number of health issues and do nothing for one’s hair or skin. Parabens are of particular concern. Did you know that they have been linked to weight gain and breast cancer? They mimic estrogen and are absorbed into the skin. In fact, traces of parabens have been found in tumors during biopsies, cause breast cancer cells to grow in vitro, and have been found in urine samples in adults. While the FDA has not banned the use of parabens in cosmetics, it is aware of the negative affects and continues to monitor study findings and evaluate the risks.

Why wait for the FDA to make a ruling? Go natural and avoid those risks.

Back in the day, there were no artificial additives in Great-Grandma’s handmade soap. We are following her example. Those of you who haven’t made the switch should give it a try. Try a bar of our soap or bottle of our lotion and you may never go back to traditional products again.