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Changes in our fundraising program

cover soaps

Try a fundraiser that offers something useful – our natural, handmade soaps!

It’s that time of year already.  Kids of all ages are making the rounds with multiple fundraising catalogs and we wonder how – and if – we’ll find anything we can use for ourselves or as gifts.  With Noir Naturals’ fundraising program, you know you have a product everyone can use.  We launched our fundraising program to offer something different and think the new changes will make it even easier for your organization to stand out and earn more.

Noir Naturals program is available for individual student and student groups of all ages, pre-K through college, to generate income for trips and various causes.  Adult mission and ministry groups are welcome as well.

We now offer three options for our fundraisers.  Customers can purchase bars online from a personalized fundraising website like Haley’s, offline via catalog, or at our retail location in Ponchatoula.

We’ve also increased your organization’s profit on each bar.  Instead of $1.50, your group can earn $2.50 per bar.  There is a small minimum target – just 50 bars.  If each child sells one to two bars, the minimum will be met in no time.   And at prices at just $5 or $6 each, customers may buy more than one bar just because.

There is still no upfront cost unless your organization wants to pre-purchase bars to sell at an event. Imagine setting up a table at the Fall or Holiday Festival and selling out.  You could launch your fundraiser then and have customers swing by Noir Naturals to purchase more.

All of our goat’s milk and coconut milk vegan soap bars are available including our Baby Noir Soaps, Asta Doggie Soaps, and new Powder Puff Goat’s Milk Soap.

Let us help your child’s school, daycare center, club, or group raise money for trips, projects, and more.

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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Free Stocking Stuffers with Purchase!

Nice, eh?

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School is coming – make it a fun year!

Sorry, kids.  We know this is not what you want to hear or even think about, but you know school is close.

Parents, we know this may not be what you want to think about, either.  If for any reason, the kids may not be feeling it or ready.  So what do we do?  We shop and prepare, but trying to make the new school year exciting for the kiddos isn’t always easy.  Try to make it fun for them.  Turn shopping into a game and prepare surprises for them along the way.

 College students are not the only ones who’ll appreciate care packages.  Put together a few and deliver them at different times throughout the year.  Send them through the mail or just place the box or bag in your student’s room for him to find later.  At exam time, pack a prep pack with trail mix, hot cocoa or tea, note cards, a USB drive (character themes might bring a smile to your student’s face), and a note wishing good luck.  A good ‘just because’ package could have bath and body productssoy cubes, a new pillow or bed linens, and a sweet treat.  The types of packages and contents are as unlimited as your imagination.

Encourage your student to join a school club or team.  Sports are not the only games in town.  Book clubs, movie clubs, academic teams, business groups, and more are available through schools or community centers.  If no available groups appeal to your young one, think about starting one.  Check with the school for guidelines and go from there.  And when the group needs funds, Noir Naturals’ free fundraising program offers something other than the typical candy, wrapping paper, or baked goods.

The start of a new school year does not signal the end of fun.  Keep the fun alive in big and small ways to make the school year easier.

Have you met our 2012 Green Teacher Award Winners?

Congratulations to Carrie Vetrovsky and Bill Eswine from the award-winning Savannah Country Day School in Savannah, GA.  

Noir Naturals’ Owner Charles Kennedy created the Green Teacher Award to reward teachers who have been instrumental in organizing and leading a green or eco-friendly project, lesson plan or initiative at their respective schools.   It is fitting that the winners of the first award are both from a school known for its eco-friendly environment and conservation efforts.

Savannah County Day School won the first Eco-Schools USA “Green Flag” Award in 2011 and was one of the first schools listed as an Eco-School in 2009.  Outdoor classrooms and a dedication to conservation and the environment make SCDS an excellent model of environmental stewardship.

Second grade teacher Carrie Vetrovsky says “Environmental education is not an option….it is a requirement.”  Vetrovsky encourages students to carpool, compost, recycle, and invent new ways to conserve resources and enjoy the Earth.

Georgia’s 1982 Science Teacher of the Year Bill Eswine has been the dominant influence in creating environmental science as a field of study for elementary school students.  He initiated cooperative projects with the U. S. Department of the Interior and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, established outreach programs with local elementary schools, and has created a curriculum designed to stimulate and excite students about the environment.

We appreciate you, Carrie and Bill, and thank you for all that you do.

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