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All things lavender on sale for Mother’s Day

Help mom relax and unwind with lavender-infused goodness.  If it has lavender, Noir Naturals has it on sale.   Get 20% off anything in our catalog with our favorite relaxing fragrance until May 10.

Mother's Day 2014

No coupon is necessary.

Mom deserves at least a little pampering.  Spoil her this weekend.

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Caring for your loofah

We’ve discussed how to make natural soap last longer with a wooden soap dish, but we haven’t discussed caring for your loofah.

Exfoliation is a must for smooth skin and loofahs are the perfect tool for the job. They’re available in several materials, but a natural one is recommended by dermatologists.  Personally, our team members love ours, but those of us with sensitive skin must take it easy on use.  An optimal schedule is once or twice a week for those with sensitive skin and up to three times a week for those with regular skin.

How often do you clean or replace your loofah?  Those babies can hoard bacteria and hanging them in the shower to dry isn’t good enough to kill it.  Dermatologists recommend that you get a new one every month and clean them well with an essential oil or bleach solution.

If you’re in the market for a natural loofah, Noir Naturals has one for you.  They’re just $2 each and straight from nature.

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How to care for your natural soap dish

A wooden soap dish is pretty and useful.  It can add a little nature to your bath decor and extend the life of your soap bars.  Keeping soap dry between use is key to making it last longer – this is especially true of natural soap.  But how do you care for the soap dish? Don’t worry – it’s easy!

All soap can leave a little gunk behind.  It’s unattractive, but easy to clean.

Dish before

Just run a towel or cleaning rag through the grooves to clean out the gunk and rinse.  Or just run it through the dishwasher.  Let it sit and dry.

Dish when wet

Once it dries, it’s ready to hold your favorite bar of soap again.

Dish when dried

Noir Naturals’ Cypress Wooden Soap Dish is durable, attractive, and has deep grooves that help soap drain well.  It fits in nicely in the kitchen or bath and is just and lasts a long time with proper care.  Get yours for just $4 each and perk up your decor while extending the life of your soap.

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Dark Chocolate just in time for Valentine’s Day

Give dark chocolate and berries for Valentine’s Day! Our new Dark Chocolate Goat’s Milk Soap will delight the skin and senses. Think rich, dark organic chocolate truffle for the skin. It’s full of antioxidants and our classic, deep moisturizing base of goat’s milk and oils. Pair it with a bar of our Scarlet Goat’s Milk Soap for a Chocolate and Berries Gift Set.

Chocolate soap

The Dark Chocolate Goat’s Milk Soap is limited edition and only available in February.  It’s $6 a single bar or 2 for $10.

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A message from Noir Naturals’ owner: A look back and to the future

We’ve had a year and a half in 2013.  Noir Naturals’ owner wanted to share a few words with you.  

As we embark on 2014 I wanted to do a quick look-back at 2013.  In August we opened our retail store, but my wife and I had to make a tough decision in November to close the retail store, due to my health.  My hours at the store robbed me of time to fully focus on my recovery.  With the flexible work schedule I now have, I am able to attend my various weekly pulmonary rehab sessions, and rest in between my work. Having another retail store in the future is not out of the question. For now however my focus needs to be on my recovery.

We are still located in Ponchatoula and all customers are welcomed to visit my workshop.  Simply give us a call to set an appointment to come by.  Our online store is always open 24/7 and we’ll meet some of you throughout the year at craft fairs and shows like we always do.  This Fall we were able to see quite a few online customers face to face at shows.  It’s always a pleasure to meet you in person.

I am very pleased to report that 2013 was a great year for our sales.  We saw a vast increase in individual sales and wholesale accounts.  We added another member to our team and have a number of exciting product plans for 2014.

Thank you for being loyal customers of Noir Naturals. We wish you all a prosperous New Year!

Remember, we’re closed on December 31 and January 1 to celebrate the new year.  Any orders received on those days will be filled on January 2.

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Happy Boxing Day!

Merry 12 days of Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

Our mantle piece

Our mantle piece

Did you get you Christmas wish?  If not, get to shopping!  Our fall and holiday soy wax cubes are now 25% off.  Your choice of ten delicious flavors for $3 a pack. Feel like Gingerbread or Sugar Cookies but not like baking?  Just pop a cube into a soy wax cube warmer, plug in, and enjoy the sweet, spicy, energizing, or comforting goodness.

Remember, we’re closed on December 26, December 31, and January 1 to celebrate the holidays.  Any orders received on those days will ship on the next day.

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