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How we live green at Noir Naturals

digitalart photo.

digitalart photo.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and we’re still thinking about green – green living, that is.  At Noir Naturals, we believe in sustainable practices and greener living.  Our Green America Silver Certification is important to us in the office and in our personal lives.  Not only does Noir Naturals keep it greener, our team members do, too.  We asked our team to share how they live greener lives and they each do something a little differently.

I try to turn off lights in the house and my workshop to conserve electricity. I run a lot of appliances in my shop at any point in time. Before I leave for the day I double check that all burners are off, and plugged out as well. I am still working on getting into a routine to turn off TV’s in the house and my projector in my man cave, so I can play a greater role in conservation.

I try to use as much natural light as possible. We have many windows in our house and office so I utilize the natural light as much as possible. I recently bought a solar recharge gadget for my iPhone, so I use this to recharge whenever I can. I also keep all packing peanuts from packages I get to reuse in the business.

I use all natural hair and skin products

I use natural light as much as possible, unplug electronics not in use, use led and compact florescent light bulbs, recycle, reuse as much as possible, buy pantry staples in bulk to reduce packaging, and binge cook – cook in large batches and freeze to reduce gas and electricity use later.

Do you live green or know anyone who does?  Share and you could win.  Nominate your green friend or yourself for our Green Living Award by April 11, 2014.  The winner will receive the 2014 Green Living Award and a $50 gift certificate for our store and the nominator will win a $20 gift certificate. Green_Living_Award_for_website_1
The winner will be announced on social media on Earth Day 2014 (April 22).  From today on, we’ll share green tips and hints on social media.  The more we conserve, recycle, and reuse, the better for our environment.

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