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Message from Noir Naturals’ owner: Changes

Hi everyone,
It is with deep regret to share the news on a difficult decision my wife and I had to make. Effective December 22nd we will be closing the store due to my health. We really enjoyed having the store which made it an even harder decision. We made some great connections, gained new customers and major wholesale accounts as well.
During my recent hospitalization over the week of Thanksgiving my pulmonologist gave me a serious warning that I needed to reduce my work schedule to focus more on my health. Having to be in the store 40+ hours of the week was not helping my recovery along, and the doctor advised that if I continue at this rate I could have a fatal end. With the store closed and a part-time flexible weekly schedule, I will be able to fully concentrate on my pulmonary rehab and get better at a faster pace. I am getting better currently, but slower than I should be.
The good news is that though the store is closing, Noir Naturals is not. We will open by appointment and everyone is welcomed to come by to shop like in the past, or catch a glimpse of products being made. Just like in the past you can contact us and let us know when you would like to come by and we’ll be waiting for you. Our telephone number will remain the same and we will still be at all our regular shows, and a few news ones in 2014. We are also working on our list of new products for next year, all of which you requested and we are very excited.
We will consider a store again in the future but right now my recovery is paramount. We wish to thank you for all of your support, concern, well wishes and prayer over the past year. God bless!

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Changes – Goodbye, Houston and Hello, NOLA

We appreciate each and every one of you.   Stuart Miles photo.

We appreciate each and every one of you.
Stuart Miles photo.

We’re leaving, Houston, but didn’t want to go without first saying goodbye.

Charles’ health became worse here. We’re not sure why, but it did.  It led us to the decision to leave.   The weather was hot, but beautiful.  The people were nice and welcomed us with open arms.

As of right now, we’re back in NOLA and tying up loose ends in Houston.   We’ll always appreciate you and remember our time here with fondness.   We’ll miss you.

And NOLA, we’re back!

The food, the Saints, the people!  We missed the love while we were away and are so glad we had the opportunity to return home.  It doesn’t mater where we go, you will always call us back.  And we don’t plan to leave you for long ever again.

Thank you for welcoming us back.  For always being the place we feel we belong.

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