Green With Ennui

Love this!


An article in the most recent issue of Fine Gardening, entitled “Designing with green”, opens with this statement: “This ubiquitous color, when used well, can be just as exciting as vibrant flowers.”

Ostrich fern as a foundation planting in m front garden. Ostrich fern as a foundation planting in my front garden.

To which the obvious response is: No. No, it can’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate green-only plants. I understand that there are intriguing variations in the size, texture, and sheen of leaves. Plus, I get that green can come in a wide variety of shades: light and dark, yellow and blue.

Wild Ginger Wild Ginger and lady ferns along the path to the back garden.

Ostrich fern (Metteucia struthiopteris) and wild ginger (Asarum canadense) are probably my two favorite plants grown for no other color, and I have quite a bit of both in my garden.

Ostrich Ferns Ostrich fern fiddleheads unfurling. Fiddlehead is such a…

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