Noir Naturals Goat’s Milk Lotion – always made from scratch

All of our lotions are available in travel, 4, and 8 oz. sizes.

All of our lotions are available in travel, 4, and 8 oz. sizes.

We at Noir Naturals take pride in doing things the old-fashioned way. We use only fresh goat’s milk from organically-fed goats in our goat’s milk products and only fresh coconut milk in our coconut milk soaps.  It may take longer, but we skip the shortcuts in the name of quality.  It’s the same approach we take with our goat’s milk lotions.  We skip premade lotion bases and make ours from scratch.
Premade lotion bases are not our thing. Even though the ingredients are listed on the label, companies do not list where the ingredients come from.  By making our own lotion base, we know exactly what goes into it and where all the ingredients come from.  We refuse to take shortcuts.
Back in the day, lotions were handcrafted from oils, butters, and liquids. We embrace the old way and make each batch of lotion from water, fresh raw goat’s milk, organic Shea butter, Safflower and Meadowfoam oils, emulsifying wax, Stearic Acid, and a preservative.  We make each base as we make each batch.  We add additional fragrance and essential oils for our scented lotions, and include additional moisturizing butters and oils for our Blue Angel lotions.  Our lotions are free of dyes, pigments, and parabens and are packaged as soon as each batch is ready.

View our inventory and find the right lotion for your needs.  We currently offer travel, 4 oz., and 8 oz. sizes and have a larger size coming soon.

What’s in your lotion?

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About Noir Naturals

The idea behind Noir Naturals stems from the good ole days as some would say it. We often sit back and remember the days when we were children playing outside all day. Dusk would be approaching and our mothers and grandmothers would call us inside. When inside an old black and white classic of Andy Griffith would be playing on television. Granny would tell us to run out to the garden, get a tomato and bring it in. She’d slice it up and we’d have it for dinner. The memories of those days still permeate our minds and it symbolizes a simple, safe, natural time in our lives. In those days one could leave the doors unlocked at night without worry. Our great grandmothers churned butter, made and cut soap for use at home. That was the norm back then. While Netflix and others do a great job of listing Noir movies for us to relive some of the ole days, we wanted to continue those days in more of a practical way today. In the ole days things were natural and not made with chemicals. We therefore wanted to go back to those times and make products that are not only good for your skin and body, but are also pure, natural, simple and safe, just as the ole days were. Our products are paraben free, not tested on animals and do not contain any artificial dyes or pigments. We invite you to go back in times with us to those good ole days, with our Noir Naturals products, to experience Yesterday Once More. To learn more about Noir Naturals, visit or give us a call at 1-985-590-5461. View all posts by Noir Naturals

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