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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Gardening on the brain

Spring weather makes us think of gardening.  We can’t help it. We love the sight of majestic old Oak trees and the colors of blooming flowers.

Lavender is one of our all-time favorites. Graeme Weatherston photo.

Lavender is one of our all-time favorites. Graeme Weatherston photo.

Azaleas are high on our list of favorites, too.

Azaleas are high on our list of favorites, too.

flowers 3-2013

We’re not sure what this one is called, but look at the colors! Do you know what it is?

Hampton Oak 4-2013

There is nothing like sitting under an Oak!

As for our garden, it’s temporarily on hold.  Until we can plant, we’ll enjoy the fruits of others’ labor.  Have you started your garden?  What’s in it? Containers, raised beds, or in ground?

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Is Natural Allergy Relief Possible?

Spring has sprung down in the south and that means allergies are kicking.  While traditional medications work most of the time, we can’t spend the day in a hazy fog.  Not that we prefer sneezing, crying, or not breathing through our noses.  What’s a team to do?  Go natural.  Some natural alternatives work quickly and others need time.  All work fairly well for us.

Local honey is a tried and true alternative.  Why local?  Because the pollen the bees use come from the flowers native to our azaleas 2013location.  A little honey every day helps one build resistance to the pollen and the allergies that come with it. Our allergies are less severe as a result, and we get to have a little honey every day.  That’s a win to us.  Other foods that are said to clear the sinuses are horseradish, hot peppers, and hot mustard.

When congestion rears its ugly head, we turn to saline solutions.  A good saline rinse will temporarily open nasal passages and make it possible for us to breathe freely.  It’s a shame that the relief is only temporary because saline rinses work.  There are many ready made saline solutions available – they come in bottles similar to the old school nasal sprays.  Basically you tilt your head, spray, and let the saline work its magic.  While we haven’t tried a neti pot yet, we’re looking at them in a new light. A neti pot a vessel for a saline rinse and people swear by them.

Herbal and homeopathic options are out there, too.  Butterburr and  Stinging Nettle have reported benefits as alternative antihistamines.  One study reports buttterburr as effective as the active ingredient in Zyrtec.   Homeopathic remedies work like local honey does.  The type of remedy one uses is determined by the type of symptoms and allergies he/she has.  For instance, a person suffering with watery eyes may take a different solution than one who has sinus pain and pressure.

When we posted a question about allergy relief on our Facebook wall, a fan told us about another option we hadn’t heard of previously.  A liver cleanse.  The liver is the body’s processor; it metabolizes food and processes fluids.  Keeping it at optimal condition should do the trick, but we haven’t tried it.

Something that works wonders is simple – cleaning.  Wash bed linens after and consider covers for your pillows and mattresses that block allergens.  Sweep, vacuum, dust, and mop at least weekly; more often as you can and wear a dust mask if you need to. If you can get rid of your carpet, consider it.  One of our team members reports better breathing since she pulled the carpet out of her home.

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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Spring Flowers

azaleas 2013

How does your garden grow?  Any colors in your space yet?

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