Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Berries

Have you heard of the Beautyberry? It’s also called American Bayberry or French Mulberry.  Maybe you know it as Callicarpa Americana.  Still doesn’t ring a bell?  Even if you don’t know the name, you may recognize the plant.  This beautiful shrub has pink and lavender flowers in Spring which turn into brightly colored, fragrant berries starting in Fall.  We found this beauty in our new yard.

It’s a nice-sized bush and can be anywhere from 4′-8′ tall and wide.  It is native to the United States and easy to care for.

These berries attract and feed several breeds of birds.

The Beautyberry is not just a pretty face. This lovely specimen is also a not-so-secret weapon – this baby has natural pest repelling properties! Back in the day, the leaves were used to help biting insects away from mules on the job. Studies during 2006-2008 prove the plant extracts are as effective as DEET against mosquitoes, kept black-legged ticks away for three hours, and repels fire ants. Impressive! (Thanks to Mother Earth News for sharing that bit of info.)

Isn’t that color fantastic?

Birds love the berries and deer love the foliage. That could explain why we have some many deer sightings just outside our door.

We saw them hanging around the new workshop. Beautiful!

This is just another neat thing about living down south. We have longer planting seasons and many plants that hold their leaves and color all year.

We’re so glad to stumble across beautiful plants. And this one is beautiful and useful. Bugs hate it!

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The idea behind Noir Naturals stems from the good ole days as some would say it. We often sit back and remember the days when we were children playing outside all day. Dusk would be approaching and our mothers and grandmothers would call us inside. When inside an old black and white classic of Andy Griffith would be playing on television. Granny would tell us to run out to the garden, get a tomato and bring it in. She’d slice it up and we’d have it for dinner. The memories of those days still permeate our minds and it symbolizes a simple, safe, natural time in our lives. In those days one could leave the doors unlocked at night without worry. Our great grandmothers churned butter, made and cut soap for use at home. That was the norm back then. While Netflix and others do a great job of listing Noir movies for us to relive some of the ole days, we wanted to continue those days in more of a practical way today. In the ole days things were natural and not made with chemicals. We therefore wanted to go back to those times and make products that are not only good for your skin and body, but are also pure, natural, simple and safe, just as the ole days were. Our products are paraben free, not tested on animals and do not contain any artificial dyes or pigments. We invite you to go back in times with us to those good ole days, with our Noir Naturals products, to experience Yesterday Once More. To learn more about Noir Naturals, visit or give us a call at 1-985-590-5461. View all posts by Noir Naturals

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