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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Let’s talk about flowers

We believe in the power of nature at Noir Naturals.

Calendula is not only beautiful, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, astringent, and soothing properties.  It’s been used to soothe irritated skin for years and makes a delicious tea.

Graeme Weatherston photo.

Lavender is found in English Gardens around the world.  It has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties and can help ease headaches and cold symptoms.

We combine the best of both of these flowers in our Ingenue Goat’s Milk Soap.  Our blend of Lavender, Calendula, Spearmint, and Lemongrass will relax and soothe the senses while relaxing and softening your skin.

Let flower power work magic as nature intended.

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Oops. Forgot Valentine’s Day? Here are some last-minute ideas.

It's not too late to make Valentine's Day a success. phanlop88 photo.

So you knew there was something you were supposed to remember about today, but it slipped your mind.  Hey, temporary forgetfulness happens to all of us.  But there are three days that if forgotten, could lead to trouble – birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.   If you find yourself without a gift, reservation, or plan, it’s not too late.  Really, it isn’t.  We at Noir Naturals have a few last-minute Valentine’s Night ideas that should please your significant other.

Swing by the grocery store.  Most have floral departments and all that do are running specials on roses and other V-Day bouquets.  While there, pick up dinner from the grocery’s deli and make a feast.  It can be done.  Some deli sections go all out while others are more basic.  Work with what’s available.  For example, if your deli’s fare consists of picnic fare, have an indoor picnic.  Spread out a blanket on the floor and set up the spread.  Make it more romantic by dimming the lights and placing candles around the room.  Pick up hummus, Baba Ganoush, pita bread, feta, and olives for a Mediterranean-themed meal.
Give your partner a massage.  Even better, give him or her a massage coupon booklet.  Set the mood with soy wax cubes or scented candles and use a favorite massage oil, shea butterlotion, or body butter.
Speaking of coupon booklets, coupons redeemable for hated jobs around the house or for a night out centered on your partner’s preferences will make him or her smile.
Purchase a gift online and present your partner with the gift receipt or announcement along with some flowers and a card.   Our Valentine’s Day sale runs through 1 am est, so there’s till time.
Don’t forget that presentation is everything.  If you look like you’re trying to put one over on your partner, it will show.   Go with a sincere heart and present your gift. Let us know how it went.
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and remember to keep the romance going all year long.
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Noir Naturals and Old Hollywood

It's time to start thinking of all things romantic. phanlop88 photo.

How Does a Noir NaturalsNight of Romance Sound to You?  Dinner and a movie at home can be just as special as a big night out if you do it right.  Let us help you make the night a success.

Join us as we go back to experience a romantic Valentine’s night with the stars of yesteryear.  The days where there were no cell phones, Internet, or other distractions of today’s fast-paced, plugged in world.

Ladies, channel Vivien Leigh or Rita Moreno while soaking in the tub with a Dead Sea Salt Bath Treatment. Relax and enchant with Lavender or cast a love spell with Suspicion. Moisturize with Body Butter or Goats Milk Lotion to layer the fragrance, making it last longer.  Gentlemen, a shower with Leading Man will bring a touch of Yul Brynner’s mystery and charm, while Lake Noir will bring out the rugged yet romantic shades of George Reeves.

Set the mood with a candlelight dinner and carry the romance into the living room or den with more soft light and fragrance keeping with the movie theme.  Watching South Pacific?  Let our Pineapple Coconut Cubes melt in the background to enhance the tropical theme.  The King and I more your style?  Then Exotic Fig is your fragrance.

Spend a romantic evening in this Valentine’s Day.  Be creative with fragrance and make it a romantic one.

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